Going Hog Wild in Trimont

Do to the generosity of the city of Trimont, their businesses & organizations GHW is proud to present these hog statues.

Trimont is located in Martin County in South Central Minnesota on State Highway 4, just 7 miles north of Interstate 90. Officially established in 1959, Trimont is actually the result of the consolidation of the twin villages of Triumph and Monterey. The City is well known as a clean, friendly, and peaceful place.

Located nearby are the lakes of Big Twin and Cedar which provide recreational opportunities for those who enjoy fishing, swimming, and camping. Cedar Lake and Hanson Memorial County Parks are located on the North shores of Cedar Lake. Both are very popular attractions for outdoor enthusiasts throughout the year.

                 Oriole raised by the city of Trimont                                   Artist Vicki Beckendorf.

Triumph raised by Triumph State Bank.                                Artist Ashley Jensen Haake.

Diesel raised by NuWay-K & H Cooperative.                        Artist Ayanna Boerner.

TC raised by Trimont Town Center/United Agtech. Artist Jori Boeckman & Nancy Katzer

Super Ham raised by Farmers State Bank.                   Artist Vicki Beckendorf.