Going Hog Wild in the News

CBS National News: Concrete pigs spur creativity in Minnesota town

Finding MN interview with WCCO reporter John Lauritsen!

 Imagine Martin on TV  hosts Jeff Sauer and Alexandra Hurney share the history of Imagine Martins first project Going Hog Wild in Martin County and an interview with Martin County artists & Going Hog Wild Committee Members Ashley Jensen Haake & Nancy Katzer.

Pig art statues at Going Hog Wild in Martin County

It's no surprise that Martin County is Going Hog Wild

Finding Minnesota: Martin County’s pig statues

Going Hog Wild getting even wilder: more satues coming to Martin County

Johnnie from Cabin Chat Weekly explore the painted pigs!🐷 Going Hog Wild in Martin County

Video footage of the first unveiling by SVJ Creative Designs

"Going Hog Wild" in Fairmont kicks off Memorial Day weekend

While filming  Pioneer PBS/Landmarks Minnesota Collections storyteller Doug Ohman checks out the hog statues of Martin County .

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Special thanks to reporter Brooke Wohlrabe for getting to the heart of the Going Hog Wild project and the artists that have made it happen!

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Special thanks to Abby Shoen & Cheri Frank for putting a spotlight on the artists of Going Hog Wild in Martin County! 

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Thanks to reporter Brooke Wohlrabe who has done numerous stories for the Fairmont Sentinel about GHW.

Her interest and support of the happening in our community is much appreciated ! 

Sentinel Newspaper Front Page photos.