Artwork by Alexandra Hurney

Artwork by Nancy Katzer

Going Hog Wild - Artists

These artists brought forth their time and talent to take 400 lb hog statues and turn them into one-of-a-kind pieces of art. 

Become part of the Going Hog Wild craze with your very own t-shirt or hoodie designed my our GHW artists. When purchased you not only be showing your support for the GHW project but recognize the businesses, organizations & artists of our community who have made GHW in Martin County a reality. To learn more click here:

Artwork by Ashley Jensen Haake

Artwork by Ashley Jensen Haake

Nancy Katzer

I have worked as a scenic artist in the Minneapolis area for over 20 years. I love art and am currently trying to get an art club started in the Fairmont area at the Red Rock Center. I think the hog statues are a fabulous idea, especially since Martin County is the number one pork-producing county in Minnesota. 

Ayanna Boerner

A 2019 graduate from Martin County West, she has done murals and other projects to give the school a little splash of color and creativity, and to leave a bit of a mark at MCW during her senior year. She has touched bases with most art medias, But her hobby is mostly working on graphite drawings and paintings, and other little DIY projects whenever she isn't busy, and is always willing to try new mediums, and/or challenges when it comes to being artistic. And this experience has been nothing but wonderful, both painting to help represent business, and the other artists to work with, and would love to do it again.

Dani Luniewski

I am a hobby artist, no professional training but it is a passion of mine to create beautiful works of art in many different medias. I am married and between my husband Tim and I we have 5 amazing kids, Brenna, Kyla, Kenlie, Declan and Merrick. I was born and raised in Fairmont and am honored to be a part of making Martin Co go Hog Wild! I hope to paint more pigs in the future.

Candy Becker

I was excited to take on something new when I agreed to painted a hog for B&B Trucking of Granada  Normally I use fabric as a canvas when creating artwork for hats, bags, shirts, etc. I have enjoyed this new form of artwork and as co-owner of B&B Trucking along with my husband and son. Looking forward to displaying my vision named Liberty on main street of Granada.

Jori Boeckman

I graduated from Harrington College of Design, and I specialize in ink, pencil, watercolors, and journal illustrations. I always enjoy trying something new. Working on these pigs have been a great experience. Darrel, my husband, has been a great support for me during this new adventure.

Kim Koppen

I taught K-12 Art for 34 years and recently retired in 2020 from teaching. My husband Ned and I have two boys Johnny and Bailey. Both are graduates from FHS. I loved working and really miss my students. I plan to teach again in my studio for people of all ages with a variety of mediums. Since my retirement I have had fun learning and branching out and trying new art forms, including the pigs!!!What a great and fun way to promote our area. Thanks Jeff for providing this opportunity for the artists, business’s and for the community!

A. White

I am currently graduating from High School. I enjoy art as a hobby. I took part in painting the Pig in support of the family Business. Working on the pig was a fun and exciting experience for me.

Alyssa Sloneker

I'm kind of a hobby artist. I graduated high school from GHEC and was able to explore other mediums that weren't available at college. I do have a bachelor's degree in art studio from St. Mary's University but haven't had any big breaks yet. My works usually gravitate toward darker subject matter. I like working with various mediums but do have a fondness for painting and dry-point etchings. My strongest work though, is probably sculptural with mixed media such as wood and metal. I just love trying to work with new things and ideas. In my spare time (which is rare), I enjoy doing other various arts such as singing, dancing, playing instruments, and writing. I'm starting an IG for my art @aly.s_mind starting with the pig unveiling, so if you don't see many posts it's because it's so new. I also plan to add some of my works from college and things too.

Danielle Moeller

Art is one of those things that I've enjoyed since childhood. Currently I am most active with soft pastels, leather projects, and digital work, but I enjoy learning and trying ALL kinds.

You may have seen my work around Fairmont: I designed the eagle challenge coin for the Martin County Veterans Memorial; I painted the barn quilts at Heritage Acres; I try to enter something into Martin County Fair Yearly; and I participate in local art shows held by the Red Rock. Soon you will see my Graham Tire hog designed off of Highway 15!

Ashley Jensen Haake

Ashley is a former art teacher. She now stays at home with little ones. Painting, crafting, and passing down the love of art to her four children is very important.  Ashley also freelances as a paper craft designer, stamp designer and digital artist. She grew up in Fairmont and loves painting our hogs as a way to give back to her community. She has painted pigs for Giddy Up Boutique, CCF Bank, Graffiti Corner and Options Pregnancy Center/12 Baskets. Look for her doodle #hogwild piggies on May 26th, 6pm at the unveiling downtown. 

Deb Ruschy

My whole life I’ve had a strong interest in a variety of arts. I’ve taken classes when I can find them nearby. For St Paul’s Lutheran school, I volunteered and enjoyed doing Art Appreciation for a few years. Creating projects that would tie into the artist that we studied. I was the first director for the Red Rock Center for the Arts, starting a regular Monthly Art Show and a weekly Lunch with the Arts program. 

Vicki Beckendorf

Vicki  grew up in Detroit and Chicago, but has lived in Minnesota since 1985, in Martin County, where her dad's side of the family is from. She is a graphic designer, community journalist, oil-painting artist and violinist who plays with the Mankato Symphony Orchestra. She started drawing and painting as a child and bought her first oil paint set in ninth grade. She participated in art exhibits in Fairmont and two paintings were chosen for a juried art show at the Lakes Art Center in Okoboji, Iowa. She enjoys painting landscapes, but especially focuses on portraits of people on the margins of society (elderly, Indigenous, displaced and persons of color). She and her husband live on an acreage with many rescued critters including potbelly pigs, cats and dogs.

Helena Johnson

I received a BA in art education from Gustavus Adolphus College and currently teach elementary art in Fairmont. My first love is charcoal and graphite portraits of people and animals. Over the past few years I have dabbled in painting, working mostly with acrylics to create works focusing on movement and textures.

Alexandra Hurney

I am an abstract artist living in Southern Minnesota with a BFA from Augustana University, specializing in pen and ink drawings, acrylic paintings and murals.  IG: @al_hurney_artist.thewickedfox

Lindsay Lansteiner

A local artist, who loves sewing and working with paints. Lindsay and her husband Ben have been married of 15 years and stay busy rasing their 8 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 fish and 72 house plants. She also serves as a Childbirth Doula to the Martin County area. In her "free time", Lindsay also loves to garden, run and kayak.

Cheryl Petrowiak

I find beauty in any medium of art - nature, man-made, etc. I'm married to Steve, we have three children and one grandchild. I've worked at the Channel Inn, Jake's Pizza, and American Glass for many years. I have a stick-to-it-ness quality when I start something. The pig was fun to paint. The "canvas" was neat. I liked painting certain meanings on it. I love all the colors too!

Tevi Maday

I moved to Martin County in 1991 after meeting my husband, Darren, at college. We farm and have three grown children. I have many, many interests that have always kept me busy. I love art but really have never found the time to really dedicate to it. I took one year of art in High School. History has been another interest of mine so it worked out great that I could have fun in my creation while at the same time teaching a bit of history regarding our hometown of Granada. Many people don't know that Granada was once known as Handy.

Char Kahler

"What more could a farm girl from Welcome ask for than to paint a pig for a business that another Welcome schoolmate started. God has blessed me with being able to live in "God's country" and still work in my artistic profession. I did illustrations for the Wallace's Dept. stores as Advertising Mgr. Then I had a graphic art business out of my home. I joke that my high moment was illustrating a chicken plucker for Schweiss Mfg. I painted murals with the largest being over 2 stories high. I explored batiking and had them for sale in several galleries. My longest "gig" was doing stain glass -primarily in churches-- in the 5 state area. I was fortunate to take a welding class at our HS with the desire to explore more 3D art. Oh, I guess painting a Going Hog Wild pig is 3D."