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GHW Mission Statement

Going Hog Wild in Martin County was developed to share what makes our county a great place to call home by spotlighting our businesses & organizations, featuring our local artists and honoring our pork industry through multiple concrete hog statues as an attraction for tourists, visitors and the citizens of our community.

If you just have questions about GHW you can contact us at: info@goinghogwildinmartincounty.com 

 Martin County communities that are Going Hog Wild. 

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GHW in Fairmont

GHW in Northrop

GHW in  East Chain

GHW in Sherburn

GHW in Truman

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GHW in Trimont

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GHW in Welcome

GHW in Granada

GHW in Dunnell

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 Going Hog Wild - Breaking News

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GHW Trimont Unveiling is Scheduled!

The Fourth GHW Unveiling Event was held at Hy-Vee/Fairmont

Click on this logo to learn more!

Two New Artists join GWH

Click on these photos to learn more about these and all our artists!

Meet the GHW Artists

Meet the artists who brought forth their time and talent to take 400 lb hog statues and turn them into one-of-a-kind pieces of art.To date 20 artists from throughout Martin County have joined the GHW family! Click on this logo to learn about each!

New merchandise is now available! 

GHW is now developing merchandise that spotlights the GHW craze! All proceeds will be used to assist in the creation of phase two & three. When purchased you not only be showing your support for the GHW project but the businesses, organizations & artists of our community.

GHW presents all the hog statues in a series of unveiling events held throughout the county.  CLICK HERE to see all the events that have taken place to date.

Here you will find highlights from the "FIRST GHW UNVEILING" held on May 26th 2022. Over 400 people attended this one-of-a-kind event held in downtown Fairmont MN. Master of Ceremonies Blake Potthoff from the Fairmont Opera House  introduce each of the 36 hog sculptures, their sponsors & artists. Martin County Pork Producers' famous "Pork Chops on a Stick" were served. Kids Just Want to Have Fun a Project 1590's project team made available lemonade, water & chips. To add to the unveiling event Steve from Seifried Portrait Design caught all the action through his photo lens. Minuteman Press - Fairmont donated masks of a piglet for the kids and live music was provided by Fairmont High School students/trumpeters Ben Moeller & Hudson Laven.