Going Hog Wild in Fairmont

Fairmont is the first town in Martin County to take part in the Going Hog Wild in Martin County project. On this slideshow you will find 66 of the 79 hog statues that have been placed throughout town. Then check out each of the hogs and the businesses/organizations who sponsored them and lastly you'll find a list of the businesses/organizations that have hogs in production!

Fairmont is a city in and the county seat of Martin County, Minnesota. The population was 10,438 at the 2020 census. The city was platted in October of 1857 by the Des Moines and Watertown Land Company, who also named the town for the rolling hills surrounding the adjacent lakes. The original name was Fair Mount, but this was later changed to Fairmont.

Here you will find the Fairmont businesses & organizations scheduled to receive a hog statue in Phase Three of GHW.

  1. CHS Ag - Artist Cheyenne Abel

  2. Tami's On the Ave - Artist Alexandra Hurney

  3. Green Mill - Artist Ashley Jensen Haake

  4. Devenish - Artist Alexandra Hurney

  5. Fairmont Glass- Artist Helena Johnson
  6. Fairmont 5 Theaters - Artist Ayanna Boerner

  7. Grabouski Nursery-Artist AshleyJensen Haake

  8. MC Area Foundation -Artist Vicki Beckendorf

  9. Lakeside Agency of Fairmont

  10. Ag Industrial

  11. Miller Sellner

  12. Kris Heichel Team